Cindy Tonkin runs soft skills training for smart people. These are anonymous quotes from training feedback at the end of some of her in-house training sessions.
I absolutely loved your course, it was so beneficial to me. I have had an epiphany and now think completely differently about presenting and even talking to people.
Yesterday I had to present my work to the company, and as nervous as I was beforehand, it went SO much better than expected! Several people even commented that they had no idea I was nervous! Thanks again so much. 
I had to do a presentation at the Marketing Strategy meet in front of the GM and his whole team, and I did it! I enjoyed the whole experience, had loads of questions from the audience and felt totally engaged with them. I even got told at the end of the day that I was probably the best presenter!
I liked the pace. The interactiveness, The examples, the stories.
I liked the fact that we didn't just focus on theory, but that we discussed individual needs / issues
I absolutely loved this training session - Cindy is not only a great trainer during the session, but she is excellent at improvising and making the session relevant
I think Cindy is a very interesting trainer!
I liked Cindy's presentation style, very flexible to met the individual group needs.
people were honest and sharing
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