Cindy Tonkin runs soft skills training for smart people. These are anonymous quotes from training feedback at the end of some of her in-house training sessions.
I absolutely loved your course, it was so beneficial to me. I have had an epiphany and now think completely differently about presenting and even talking to people.
Yesterday I had to present my work to the company, and as nervous as I was beforehand, it went SO much better than expected! Several people even commented that they had no idea I was nervous! Thanks again so much. 
I had to do a presentation at the Marketing Strategy meet in front of the GM and his whole team, and I did it! I enjoyed the whole experience, had loads of questions from the audience and felt totally engaged with them. I even got told at the end of the day that I was probably the best presenter!
The facilitator was very well prepared and engaging
I liked the pace. The interactiveness, The examples, the stories.
I liked the fact that we didn't just focus on theory, but that we discussed individual needs / issues
I absolutely loved this training session - Cindy is not only a great trainer during the session, but she is excellent at improvising and making the session relevant
I think Cindy is a very interesting trainer!
I liked Cindy's presentation style, very flexible to met the individual group needs.
people were honest and sharing
Cindy is an excellent facilitator - Thank you for being so engaging.
This has been the most interactive course ever undertaken. This engagement meant the course was entertaining and did not feel like it was dragging on.
Refocused some of my current behaviour to provide better leadership of my team!
Cindy is a born presenter and great fun. Thanks for investing in your leaders. 
Kath Tida
Very engaging. Cindy is a fabulous presenter
Peter K. Leadership Program Attendee
Cindy was engaging and connected with all attendees
Matt, Public Sector Director Leadership Program
Presenter was entertaining and engaged the group well
Rob C, Leadership Workshop attendee
Held the classes' attention for the full day
Rob C, Leadership Workshop attendee
Very engaging trainer!
Alice S, Ludic Workshop
Great facilitator kept everyone engaged 
Alice S, Ludic Workshop
Excellent examples
Sharon A
Great technique, engagement use of activities, excellent knowledge and examples
Karen A
Cindy was a great presenter and trainer
Kerrie B
Cindy was very engaging being both informative and fun
Peter H
The subject matter was presented with lots of energy and talent
Peter D
Presenter held attention well. This was a challenge given amount of content and mixture of learning styles
The presenter was really good
Presenter extremely engaging
Very clear, funny, gave great examples and felt comfortable to participate the session

Cindy was very engaging and had a light hearted approach which kept people interested and involved

The presenter Cindy was very good in conveying the messages along with appropriate jokes. She was also captivating. The session was excellent; can also be enhanced if it was longer!

This one of the best training sessions I have attended for quite some time so there are no suggestions for improvement. However I would suggest that Cindy be employed to run all of the other modules

Presenter was great and engaging- good real life examples

Put an insightful perspective on theories that made you think more